Make coupons and loyalty cards Get Repeat Customers – Create App Coupons and Loyalty Cards It’s time to trade in those old paper and plastic loyalty cards and coupons. Create a coupon, along with a business loyalty card to keep your customers coming back for more! Promote your app Get Famous – Promote Your App Learn how to promote your app, using banners, QR codes, and landing pages. Add ordering features Get Orders – Add Order Food, Menu, And Book A Table Features Let your app work for you! Provide orders and reservations, create a menu, order food, and book a table directly from your app. Add events to your app Get Hosting – Add Events to Your App Your Facebook or Google events just got more engaging. Encourage your customers to participate in your business events through your app. E-commerce and customer reviews Get Shopping – Add E-Commerce and Customer Reviews to Your App If you’re looking for e-commerce platforms to increase your business’ sales and improve your business by adding customer reviews, look no further than your app! Editing your app features Add catalogues to your app Get Browsing – Add Catalogs to Your App Display your products in a mobile-ready way by adding the app catalogs feature. Add social media accounts to your app Get Social – Add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Your App Make your app social by integrating your business’ Twitter and Instagram accounts and your Facebook business page, ensuring your customers never miss an update again. Add videos and photos Get Visual – Add Videos and Photos To Your App Your customers are listening—learn how to share your message through mobile podcasts and audio playlists. A great solution for musician apps! Add news to your app Get Broadcasting – Add News to Your App Keep your customers updated at all times with the news feature. Add or update contact info to your app Get Found – Add Contact, Call Us, Email Us, and Location Details Make it easier for your clients to contact you through business contact forms and customer feedback. Add custom pages Get Customized – Add Custom Pages Create endless types of valuable content with a customized page. Add product reviews, recipes, or any form of content that can supply your customers with true value. Add web pages and web links Get Connected – Add Web Pages and Web Links Connect your app and website for the ultimate mobile experience.